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Every person has a responsibility to lead

Challenges of today’s governance and globalization require leaders. The Next Generation.

Next Generation Leaders are dealing with the emerging global forces: diversity, interdependence and permanent change.
Living is dealing with these forces. That’s why every person has a responsibility to lead.


To reach out for progress

Leading to connect the forces of diversity, interdependence and change. Leading to unite others by building trusted relationships. Leading to create a better life for others and self. 

Next Generation Leaders take responsibility to strengthen themselves and each other.

The Leadership Group shares research, knowledge and experience with scientists. Our daily work combines practice with scientific research.


You would like to become a better leader

You are in a position to take the responsibility to lead.

You feel the responsibility to use your talents. You like to expand your experience and knowledge. You want to know more about others and yourself.

You unfold a deeper interest in modifying the attitudes and behaviours of yourself and others to achieve mutually valued goals.

You have a desire to connect.

You would like to become a better leader.